About Privacy


Here at SpeechMatch, your privacy is very important to us, so we collect only the absolute minimum amount of information needed to provide this service. We will now walk you through what data we collect and how we use it. To use the app, you will be asked to consent to the following use of your data.


Data we collect and why:

This app will collect anonymous metrics about how you use the app, which phrases you interact with, and the scores you are getting on phrases you practice in order to help us improve SpeechMatch.

How we use this data:

We send anonymous metrics to help us understand which features and phrases are being used the most and to prioritize improvements to SpeechMatch. This data is completely anonymized and can not be traced back to you or your device.

Anonymous Metrics


Device Pairing

Data we collect and why:

This app will allow you to optionally pair your device with another user's device to securely send them your progress report.

How we use this data:

Pairing establishes an encrypted one-way channel between two devices so that progress reports can be sent securely from one device to another. The information is encrypted on device so that only the receiving device can read it. On our servers we store this encrypted information while it is in transit between devices. Since the decryption key never leaves the paired devices, no one else, including us, can read your personal progress report.


About Consent

In the app, when you consent to this use of your data, your consent is logged under a reference code in the format XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX, which you can find in Settings. You will periodically be asked to reconfirm your consent. You can also export or delete your data at any time from the Settings menu.

If you have any questions about your privacy at SpeechMatch, you can email us by visiting https://www.speechmatch.com/contact/ and including your consent reference code in your correspondence, if you have it.