Frequently Asked Questions

Matching patterns of sounds in conversation is an important component of socializing.  SpeechMatch helps you improve conversational skills by providing immediate feedback of how well you are matching pitch, rhythm and volume - all critical to decoding emotion in speech.

How does SpeechMatch work?


Jump right in! Pick a phrase and try to match what you see and hear.  SpeechMatch is intuitive and fun, and you’ll immediately see how it works.

What is the best way to get started using SpeechMatch?


Yes, anyone can make up their own phrases; we process your phrase instantly so that people you’re working with can try to match it right away.

Can I create my own phrases?


Yes. We’ve been using SpeechMatch with children, teens, and adults in clinical research studies for the past ten years.  We’ve used several training protocols ranging from 5-10 minutes of practice for very young children to much longer sessions for teens and adults.  For example, in one study we had teens practice daily for 1 hour and 40 minutes with 20-minute sessions comprising of 5 different phrases for 4 minutes per phrase.  We would take a break after 20 minutes of practice, then start again.

Once I get started are there more structured ways to use SpeechMatch?


Yes.  What is great about having SpeechMatch on your own phone or tablet is flexibility in when and where you use it.  An important principle of learning has to do with creating structure in terms of the scheduling and setting of practice.  We recommend that a person should “practice on a schedule” and in a place where there will be few distractions. For younger children, providing a reward for successful completion of a day’s or week’s practice is an idea worth considering.

Can we use different training periods to fit our child?


Try working on a few phrases for a few minutes for each one (e.g., a happy phrase, a neutral phrase, a sad phrase), provide a reward for successful completion of a short trial of work, then increase the number of minutes and phrases every several days.  Watch the changes in scores across time utilizing the “personal bests” or “raw scores” functions. You may even want to use the sharing scores functions and “send scores” to a speech therapist or other helping professional.

We jumped in and randomly tried a few phrases, and all is going well. What’s next?


SpeechMatch is certainly not a magic pill; there are other aspects of social skills that the SpeechMatch doesn’t address such as non-verbal aspects of socializing.  On the positive side, we’ve been studying SpeechMatch for a long time and we believe that practice can help you to improve conversational skills - both decoding emotion when others speak and expressing emotion when you speak.

Is SpeechMatch guaranteed to help improve social skills?


Sending data to another device involves several steps in order that we protect your privacy.  You can read more about privacy on our website:   The person who sends scores coordinates with the person who is receiving the scores.  Here are the steps the program will walk you through to send your data to someone else’s device:

I notice I can send my scores to another device. How do I do that?


You can share your scores with as many people as you like, but only one at a time.

Can I share my scores with many people?


Yes, anyone can receive scores from as many people as they like; a receiver of scores can be paired with multiple senders simultaneously.

Can a therapist receive scores from multiple people?


Yes, it’s a simple, immediate process that’s obvious on-screen.

Can I “unpair” from a sender or receiver of scores?


Yes, we have a feature that enables you to calibrate your own voice to our software so your scores are as accurate as possible.

Every phone is different; can I record a sample to make sure that my phone’s microphone is working well


No, sorry! We treasure all data.

I’ve practiced a particular phrase quite a bit and want to start my scores afresh. Can I delete previous scores?


Custom phrases are a local feature at the moment, so you need to be in the same room to see the scores.

Can I share my scores for a custom phrase?


You need to speak a phrase at least 5 times in order for PBs to kick in.

I practiced a phrase 4 times but didn’t get a personal best. Why not?


Seamless sharing of scores is between and amongst SpeechMatch subscribers. However, score data can copied to your clipboard as an attachment and sent via email or text.

Do I need to have SpeechMatch in order to receive a friend’s scores?

More questions?