The Science Behind the Software


The Research Shows…

SpeechMatch™ works. Through experiments and research studies, SpeechMatch has gained support from the both scientific community and participants.

For basic questions, check out our FAQ page, here.

Interested in learning the nitty gritty of how the software works? We recommend starting with our “Science Behind SpeechMatch” video, featured above. Dr. Lawrence Welkowitz personally explains the conception and development of the idea, as well as much of the science the research is rooted in. If you would like to dig further into the literature of biofeedback and learn more about the previous research and literature that inspired SpeechMatch, those resources will be available on our site soon! Check back for updates.

If the resources available on this page haven’t answered your questions, head to our contact page and write us an email. Someone will be in contact quickly to help in any way we can.